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The Soldier, the Good Samaritan and the Research Participant: A Discussion on Compensation for Research-Related Injuries.

Last month, five men in Nova Scotia risked their own lives to help a severely injured woman trapped in a burning vehicle that was wedged in some trees off the shoulder of the road. The car could have exploded at any time, but those men carried on and managed to move the woman out of […]

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Is research without consent legally or ethically possible?

Comments on articles recently published in NEJM In a recent edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, prominent bioethicists argued that “some studies may justifiably proceed with a streamlined consent process and others may not require patient consent at all”. The authors also propose to streamline the oversight of some studies that fall “below […]

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What is human research and why is it important?

Have you or someone close to you ever been asked to take part in a clinical trial, research study or experiment? Have you ever wondered what they are and have you ever considered participating? An ‘experiment’ can be almost any kind of test, with people, animals, plants, metals… an experiment can be on almost anything. […]