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Lost in Translation – What does it mean to be a “Qualified Investigator”?

Based on Canadian and American regulations and guidelines, research sponsors and IRB/REBs must assess the qualifications of the investigator to conduct and supervise the proposed clinical trial. Steps may include, but are not limited to, the evaluation of the investigator’s resume, reviewing relevant publications, and assessing whether they have received the proper training on the […]

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Am I IRB Forum Shopping? – Introduction

We recently revisited the Montreal tuberculosis outbreak wherein we identified IRB Forum Shopping as the root cause of this tragedy. IRB Forum Shopping is an under-researched yet highly-relevant ethical issue in the context of the North American governance of clinical research. Essentially, it is the practice of choosing an IRB based on the relative ease […]

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Why does the IRB/REB request Investigator qualification information?

Clinical research is an increasingly complex enterprise, which requires knowledge and skills that are outside the traditional training of physicians and other healthcare professionals. The investigator must, for instance, understand what are the responsibilities of screening research participants, obtaining free and informed consent and supervising a trial. Although it is primarily the sponsor or CRO’s […]

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When does the informed consent process begin?

When do you think this process begins? Take a moment to think about it before reading on… Does the informed consent process begin with the informed consent discussion? It may surprise you, but the “FDA considers direct advertising for study subjects to be the start of the informed consent and subject selection process”. This means […]

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Do we have to register this clinical trial? Why? On which registry?

Are you involved in multi-national clinical research in North America? Are you wondering whether – and where – you have to register a clinical trial? And why? Why should we register this clinical trial? Let’s address the ‘why’ question first. Registration is internationally recognized as a scientific, ethical and moral responsibility that “will improve research […]